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suzana apelbaum

Suzana Apelbaum is a Creative Director and actress, born in Rio de Janeiro, adopted by São Paulo and abducted by NY.

Suzana began her artistic career at 12 years old, when she participated as an actress in a musical theater play. Graduating to working on stage, she was an actress, singer and tap dancer in many theater plays for children and adults. Throughout her career, she has worked with important names in theater and dance like Jose Wilker, Deborah Colker and Gringo Cardia.

Her plays are amazing, but the payment only paid the draft beer after the show in Baixo Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, so she decided to try Advertising. Suzana fell in love with her advertising career, then worked her way up in the company to become Creative Director in one of the most important agencies in the international and national market. Noawadays Suzana is Creative Head on Google NY.

At the same time during her Advertising career, Suzana developed several projects more connected to her art: she presented a TV show on Multishow channel, a radio show on BandNews, produced and acted in a monologue playing 6 different characters, was part (and still is) of an international creative collective called “Asas”, that creates and produces original content for art and entertainment.

Her new artistic project is a performance called “Confusion”, that mixes tap dancing with brazilian tambourine to tell about the sensation of being a brazilian Creative living in NY.  | @suapelbaum