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marcello serpa

Marcello Serpa was born in 1962 in São Paulo, Brazil, but grew up in Rio de Janeiro. He was baptized by his grandfather’s paintbrushes anointed with turpentine throughout his childhood.

The painting that took him to Design and the Design to the Advertising. From this point his portfolio holds a number of awards as a Creative Director, he became the first Brazilian Gran Prix winner, the first Latin America judge president and in 2015 the first Brazilian to win a Lion San Marcos at Cannes Lions Festival.

After he left AlmapBBDO presidency he decided that it was time to return to brushes and canvas. After all, it was his soul as a painter that determined his paths and choices. Marcello is one of the rare cases in which an artist did not become plastic. Because he was an advertiser, he was able to use his artistic talent in his career within advertising.

Serpa has been an artist since his birth, a painter since the womb, and a human being in essence. His first individual exhibition was at apArt Private Gallery New York called “TEREBINTINA” (Turpentine) and it’s just a new beginning.