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Leo Macias is Colombian who lived in São Paulo, Brazil for 20 years. His artistic inspiration comes since his childhood in a religious country, where a strong catholic family of artists with Spanish background raised him. His grandfather used to do sculptures with wood and clay and his grandmother painted on unconventional surfaces making collages with lean and fabric. In both works there were always baroque elements, churches, saints and altars as their inspiration.

Since 17 years old, Leo Macias was been working as creative in advertising. With 20 years old he decided to move to Brazil where he lived 20 years. His career as Creative Director gave to him the main festival awards in national and international scale, making him one of the most creatives directors working in Latin America nowadays.

His experience in Brazil and the living period in others latin-american countries assisted him to find different materials for his sculptures, that with religious and baroque references, become the primordial features of his work – the fiction of the religious symbols.

The exploration of colors in harmony with three tridimensional materials like foams, acrylics, rubbers, wood, fabric and leather offered to his art an amazing look. From this point the artist causes a discussion about the religion from its theatrical perspective and from that on take place at the contemporary art space. | @leomacias