dj Christophe Chudy & dj Pascal Bideau 

One foot on the beauty advertising, one foot on the underground, Christophe Chudy has directed spots for the main beauty and cosmetic brands worldwide. Through film, music and photography he juggles with textures, colours and emotions. Same with his dj sets, playing with fresh minimalism and warm craziness!

Pascal Bideau is a French music composer and producer based in London. He is graduated from Goldsmiths College University of London with a Musicianship for jazz and popular music. Beside his extensive experience as a composer, scoring and producing for feature films, documentaries, TV commercials and tailored corporate communication, he is an insatiable and crafty tinkerer and jumps from ambiant to electronic to rock!

Together they will perform a unique and refreshing blend of decks and electro-acoustic instruments. | @chudchudy | @pascalbideau